Long winded Preaching

Acts 20:7–12 (NLT): 7 On the first day of the week, we gathered with the local believers to share in the Lord’s Supper. Paul was preaching to them, and since he was leaving the next day, he kept talking until midnight. 8 The upstairs room where we met was lighted with many flickering lamps. 9 As Paul spoke on and on, a young man named Eutychus, sitting on the windowsill, became very drowsy. Finally, he fell sound asleep and dropped three stories to his death below. 10 Paul went down, bent over him, and took him into his arms. “Don’t worry,” he said, “he’s alive!” 11 Then they all went back upstairs, shared in the Lord’s Supper, and ate together. Paul continued talking to them until dawn, and then he left. 12 Meanwhile, the young man was taken home alive and well, and everyone was greatly relieved.

Paul was a preacher that had lots to say.  I find this the case most the time.  Its never not having enough to cover, its always what must be left out.  There is a time, as this, to keep going.  Surely, hungry Christians really don't complain or mind the buffet of Gods word.  I know for a fact, many would regularly gather around Jesus for long periods of time, without eating even!  And Chuck Smith, often gave two hour teachings, as everyone soaked it up.  I've never had any complaints among the congregation, but Ive had a pastor get on me before due to this.  But I got his concern.  The mission of all those serving, such as childrens ministry, youth, ushers, must be also factored in.  You are a team and so long as they are all on the same sheet of music, fine!  I know for a fact it takes great talent to keep a childrens ministry classroom calm only when you have enough material and crafts, run out, well no person wants to face the exhaustion of keeping that class in order.  
This was some Communion service Paul had.  He went on and on so long Eutychus fell asleep and fell out the 3 story window unto his death.  Maybe we should think twice before falling asleep on Gods word lol.  Paul must of felt bad because he ran down  and prayed for him.  He was raised alive and I bet never fell asleep in service again.  Sometimes, we are just worn out, but often, we have bad sleeping habits and don't sleep when we should, not to minimize certain conditions we face that wont allow sleep, which are real and vast.  To be alert in Gods word, we must do everything in our ability to have disciplined lives to rest when we must, you never know if you will be the next one falling out windows, interrupting service, and maybe worse!  I never want to become a distraction from anyone partaking of the LORDs Communion.  But, God is so loving and faithful and gracious!   Awaken Church, for the LORD is here!

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