God, why go through this storm?

Acts 27:14  But not long after, a tempestuous head wind arose, a strong southeastern wind that stirs up large waves.

Why God?  Paul, a powerhouse figure in the faith, would go through some painful things in rapid succession.  The ship is being beaten apart, they haven't eaten in 14 days, the soldiers wanted to kill ALL the prisoners, lest they escape, no land in sight, then a viper bites Paul?  What is going on?  Opportunities!  Paul's world isn't falling apart, its falling right into place, as God designed.  Paul was able to bless the food they did have, all ate due to Gods blessing.  You think some of those didn't start to think about God?  The soldiers wanted to kill all the prisoners but God gave Paul favor with the centurion who stopped them from this because he wanted to save Paul.  What?  Powerful stuff here!  Then, all 276 people on the destroyed ship survive and make it to shore.  The natives on this island, usually not so kind, are hospitable to them and help them get warm.  Paul, helping gather sticks for the fire, gets bite by a viper, shakes it off.  The people think Paul deserved to die and cant believe it when he survives unscathed.  They call him a god.  This leads to the elite of the island taking Paul into their homes.  He prays  for the sick and they recover!  All this ministry doesn't happen if the ship sails perfectly to harbor.  These inconveniences are God arranged.  Paul's journey is safer now than any other way.  He is in the LORDS hands.  Embrace the Christian journey.  Its full of amazing encounters and experiences.  Unless you like boring, uninspiring, drab living, answer the call, here I am LORD, use me.

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Sondra - January 30th, 2024 at 7:22am

Life ... led by the Lord and saturated with His love and favor. ❤️





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