My Pain is Your Gain

Acts 28:20 ...for the hope of Israel I am bound with this chain.”

Paul finally made it to Rome.  What a long, hard, eventful journey.  And its far from over.  Now, Paul also knew, who he would be faced with in Rome, Caesar Nero, a man who intentionally burned down Rome just so he could rebuild it his way, allegedly.  Not a guy you are happy to talk about Jesus talk too.  He knew, his life could or would be coming to a close, this side of eternity.  Yet his first line of business:  Go talk to the religious leaders in Rome about Jesus!  Oh, I so love this boldness and love for your fellow man.  Paul didn't have to say a word to them yet he did.  Why?  The Love of Christ moved him and he loved those whom God loved.  Everything he endured, Im sure he would do again.  Jesus is the HOPE OF ISRAEL Paul spoke of.  The Messiah promised to them, and to the world at that.  Physical chains didn't hold or bind Paul, don't be mistaken, his love for Christ bound him.  No other path would satisfy.  He learned this from Jesus.  Jesus wasn't bound to the cross by nails, but His love for humanity.  LORD, teach me something about this great love today.  Oh, I know You have.  But today, I must experience Your great love, grace, & mercy.  Its You Jesus, I am a slave by choice.  


Sondra McKee - January 31st, 2024 at 7:19am

A bond slave. A redeemed slave serving from gratitude, love, and devotion. A world apart from being enslaved by sin, having Satan as a master. Thank you, Jesus, for redeeming us and giving us life and joy. Let our lives be a strong witness that you are Lord,, and use us to show your love to all.

Jon - January 31st, 2024 at 10:13pm

Big amen!





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