Friday Passion Week

Luke 23:55  And the women who had come with Him from Galilee followed after, and they observed the tomb and how His body was laid.

So, then next few days, Jesus will be laid to rest in the garden tomb.  Buried & sealed with a stone.  Let this sink in, Jesus died!  Oh ya, and 4 Roman guards.  Nope, Jesus isn't going to be taken out of this tomb.  Nothing short of Jesus coming back to life will start up this Jesus talk again.  Finally, no more Jesus!
The disciples all fled long ago, but these ladies lingered, missing their most loved Messiah, in whom showed them such great compassion.  I mean, how do you let go of Jesus?  Life will never be the same.  So, they know exactly where Jesus was laid.  
Now, that's outside the tomb.  Inside, well, Jesus has work to do!  The tomb was probably the only chance He would be freed to minister to those dead & gone long ago.  Those who believed God would send their salvation but passed before Jesus came.  

1 Peter 3:19  by whom also He went and preached to the spirits in prison,

Now, there is teaching about this moment that gets very weird.  I will just say this, Jesus went and led His people out and emptied paradise!  The temporary place that held believers, not unbelievers, awaiting this day!  He will lead the captives to heaven!  They are all in heaven now, for sure!  David, Moses, Josiah, and quit possibly Nebuchadnezer.  Listen, the tomb looks from our standpoint as defeat.  That's what it has been for everyone ever to find it their resting place.  But is this garden tomb going to be uniquely special?  Will Jesus' tomb break utter despair & hopelessness?  Will it revolutionize how we view death?  

LORD, you willingly died for me!  You took a death You did not deserve.  Help me to realize, in my trials, that the sealed tomb of Yours is never the end, never the final say!  Thursday was a gut punch.  Friday & Saturday a solidified reality everything I thought You should do isn't going to happen.  But, Sunday is coming!  Oh YES, keep my heart on this, Sunday is coming!

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Sondra - March 29th, 2024 at 7:19am

The Resurrection of Jesus is the finest proof that the Word of God is ALWAYS true! Praise God for Sunday!🙌💒♥️





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