Saturday Passion Week

1 Corinthians 15:4 and that He was buried..

What a somber and easily depressing days.  Jesus was buried!  Jesus actually died on the cross!  Some just read this and think, "yea, but did He really die?  Can God die?"  The answer is clear.  He subjected Himself to life as a man.  He was weary, tempted, hungry, felt pain, and yes, even killed.  In this, really exemplifies the Man Jesus Christ.  Of course, this Man isn't like any other.  He is sinless, showed perfectly to us the way to God.  Can He really die?  Cults say no!  Religions still have Him dead.  The Bible says, He gave up His Spirit, died.  
The death and burial is not a fun memory.  It doesn't bring much comfort, foresay.  Yet, it is part of Gods amazing plan and work as a whole.  Since 10 out of 10 people die, Im very interested in this portion of Jesus' ministry.  Will he rise again as He said He would?  Would there be another attempt by religious folks to stage a lie and force men to believe it?  Nobody has ever conquered death before.   Nothing short of a miracle could fix this.  The tomb sealed shut!  Now what?
I hope you are going on this journey this week, taking in the events, the mood, the real raw emotion of what each day brought, and trying not to look ahead because you have the answer.  Its hard not too, but to get the deepest impact of each event, to put yourself in their sandels, what and how would you feel at these moments that the disciples, and the enemies of Christ, felt.  Yes, Jesus told them the final outcome many times before this.  Was that in their minds?  Jesus tells us many more times the outcomes to our problems if we trust in Him, how do we incorporate those words of truth?  
I find myself, even now, more like the disciples viewing Jesus' tomb, and saying, now what?  How am I going to move forward?  When Im honest with the LORD, myself, then I can really learn & grow.  Experience hope and character change.  I never want to give a canned Christian answer in a time of mine or others dispare, I want to know by experience what I am talking about, what I believe, and allow the Spirit to correct my thinking by proof & His power displayed through my sorrow.  Oh, the tomb is very important ya'll!  We don't get Sunday morning without it!


Ron - March 30th, 2024 at 10:56am

Can you imagine? You are chosen as one of the Disciples of the Messiah. You have seen numerous miracles and experienced the changes in your life. This Man Jesus controls the weather, feeds the multitude, heals every known malady.

You are thinking about the role you will play in the Kingdom of God. Your life is amazing.

But then Jesus is seized, tortured, murdered and buried. Do you believe your eyes or the words of your Savior who is now dead?

Pastor Jon, thank you for having us focus on the point of view of the Disciples, who likely perceived their world had been destroyed. When things get tough, they needed to hold fast to the promise that Resurrection Sunday was coming, and so do we.

Great Saturday devotion.

Jon - March 30th, 2024 at 4:42pm

Amen Ron. Glad my point came across. To me, it really makes no difference whether its the tomb, a loss of a job, a life taking disease, an addiction that cant be kicked. Death is death and we either believe Jesus is who He claimed to be or He isnt. The tombs of life is just part of lifes process but as christians, we have the promise of resurrection power in giving us life! Our tombs are many, but the resurrection power is vast. Nobody celebtates tomb day! They celebrate Resurrection Sunday!





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