There are jobs & there are Callings

Acts 18:2 And he found a certain Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, who had recently come from Italy with his wife Priscilla (because Claudius had commanded all the Jews to depart from Rome); and he came to them. 3 So, because he was of the same trade, he stayed with them and worked; for by occupation they were tentmakers. 4 And he reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath, and persuaded both Jews and Greeks.

There was great persecution upon the church during these days, and would not end until 325 ad.  Converting to Christianity meant a death sentence, loss of family, even terminated from work.  Supporting oneself was difficult, but then again, it wasn't because the LORD provides for His children.  Bi-vocational pastors have been around since the beginning of the church.  Working to make ends meat, pay bills, so on!  I've known this world all to well.  I've embraced it.  But a pastor must always be evaluating every facet of the ministry.  This has been neglected in many churches.  Church pastors & staff get adept to what yesterdays climate was and become the biggest reason the church is neglected.  Pastors must assess the spiritual health of the church in which he is called.  He must assess the financial health of the church, and so on.  Years ago, we had this issue, as many churches do, a pastor that is overpaid for the fellowship in which he served.  Now, other things unseen are also at play at times, but I find that as a pastor, we must be flexible, adapting to the times, abasing or abounding according to Gods supply.  Now, here is were I really want to understand and apply this to my life.  There are jobs but then there are Callings.  Some are both, but most not so.  Paul made tents!  He then ministered the gospel.    I'm days away from setting my tentmaking job down and making myself available full time as the pastor of Calvary Gulf Coast.  We are in the place where it makes sense now, but the biggest gauge to me was my inability to meet every ministry opportunity this year and I feel I left some service on the table.  As a church grows, the leadership must be ahead of that growth and be in position to serve as Jesus serves.  I will always have my skill set, maybe never cross them old bridges, but I will always evaluate the health of the church.  I will not be the reason for the downfall or neglect of Gods most precious gathering.  Im looking forward to this next chapter the LORD has opened up and hope this season remains until Jesus comes back for us, but my trust is in the LORD either way!  I have learned to abase, have little, and to abound, have lot, in which the LORD brought me through both.  My tent making job is just that, its a job!  My calling, the reason God created me, is to shepherd His precious church, in which Im so very blessed to serve!  God never gives the church to the pastor but the pastor to His church.  The ones He anoints and appoints.  LORD, lets do this, shall we?


Sondra McKee - December 15th, 2023 at 7:19am

I love this so much. Sending the Christians away from Rome was the catalyst for exponential growth of the church. Your words about tentmaking and calling are so accurate. Eager to see what the Lord is going to be doing in this new season of your life and the life of our fellowship.💓

Missy Holaday - December 15th, 2023 at 8:54am

As your wife it has been a pleasure to watch God mold you into the man and pastor you are today. And He's not done! He has so much more in-store for you because of your faith and trust in Him. You're a willing vessel! That's what He wants. Buckle up, Buttercup....He's about to take us on a fantastic journey with Him in these last days. I know He's going to use you mightily. I'm blessed to be married to you and have you as my pastor! Calvary Gulf Coast is blessed as well. Thank you for your faithfulness! Keep your eyes on Him and your heart open and there's nothing He won't do through you!! ❤️

Lottie James - December 18th, 2023 at 8:41am

There are a lot of church buildings with preachers holding the job in the pulpit, I have found some of them. Didn't stay long. Preachers and Pastors are two different animals! Any person who can read and speak to crowds can be a preacher, it's just training, but it takes a pastor to shepherd his flock. One who knows his people and cares about their hearts and souls and teaches them truth in an uncompromising way. I am so thankful that we at Calvary have a Pastor and not a preacher.





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