The Resurrection is Mind blowing

Acts 26:8  Why should it be thought incredible by you that God raises the dead?

Paul is being bounced around to a number of higher elites!  Here, before Agrippa, who was well versed on Jewish culture and tradition, he poses this question and then gives a very detailed summation of his testimony.  Paul cuts to the chase, the reason he is in hot water is because his belief upon the Resurrection of Jesus!  Jesus lives!  The resurrection is mind blowing!  It has NEVER happened up until then.  All the religions of the world up to this time, may of talked about such things, but come on, nobody truly entertained this!  Nobody can do that.  Can they?  The most religious person, the Sauls of the world, never believed it.  Thats our problem.  God said He would raise from the dead.  He promised 1000 yrs before doing it, in the psalms, that He would not allow the Holy One to see corruption.  Corruption of the dead corpse was always understood to be 3 days.  If you dont think the Resurrection of Jesus is truly to great to happen, your lying!  His 12 disciples didnt believe the witnesses and thats after Jesus told them on many occasions He would.  The Resurrection is the most powerful event known to man, like ever!  And it takes the Holy Spirit to open ones eyes to it.  Its a spiritual thing that caused Jesus to raise physically from His grave.  The evidence is overwhelming, I mean, over 500 witnesses!  Yet how can anyone question it?  Man doesnt have a problem with faith, just who or what they place their faith in.  Man will trust their lives to a flawed, sometimes borderline drunk airplane pilot, get on the plane, not ever question him.  But Jesus, oh, You have to answer all my questions and then I will think about the next step.  LORD, Your resurrection is the only reason Im alive and living this life abundantly now.

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Sondra - January 24th, 2024 at 7:32am

Amen. It is the deception of the enemy, and the hardness of our hearts that refuses to believe that Jesus lives, and because He was resurrected so will those who believe on Him will also have eternal life. I recently read that there are about 246,000 survivors of the Holocaust. The atrocities of WWII are well documented, and attested to by the survivors and the rescuers who freed them. Yet there is an amazing number of people who say that it never happened. Satan lies and hard hearts believe the lie. Jesus is alive, seated at the right hand of our Father, and interceding for us. The most wonderful truth past, present and future. One day we will be seeing, worshipping and adoring the Eternal Living God for eternity.





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